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Major Renovations. And Gin.

We are doing major renovations here at Break the Surface.

Renovations which include the name.


You heard me. We’re moving to our very own dot com. Which means we won’t be Break the Surface much longer…

Can you wait? (I can hardly wait!) Renovations always go over budget and over schedule and the kitchen never looks quite the way you drew it up with the architect. BUT, lucky for you, I’m the architect, the builder, and the client. And this renovation isn’t finished until the fat lady sings.

And I ain’t singing quite yet.

So everybody is going to get out their big girl panties and get ready for something very, very sassy. Because that’s how I roll. And y’all are gonna roll on into the new digs with me! We can have a housewarming party and everything.

I’ll serve gin and tonic and there will be karaoke.

Except for the karaoke.

Because I fucking hate karaoke.

So just the gin then.

Excellent. We can all get our drunken woo-woo on. Crystals and harps and enlightenment and everything. Including gin. Did I mention the gin? It is a party after all…

And who doesn’t like a party?



It’s OK To Feel Angry. (I’m just not very good at it.)

It’s OK to feel angry.

I just don’t know how to process it.

So the fact that I’m feeling a little angry about all these fucking hurdles is leaving me…in no man’s land. Intellectually I know that it’s OK, and in fact it can be quite healthy, to feel angry and work through it. But not having the tools to do so just makes me shy away from anger most of the time. Except sometimes I can’t. Then I’m screwed. And so we meet.

Three-ish years ago, when I was working and had saved up some money, I bought myself an MBox so that I could record demos of my writing at home. We have a studio, yes. But honestly, I have no idea how to run that board, and every time I have tried to go in and do something, I would spend 5 hours just trying to get the sounds out of the board before leaving frustrated. Plus, as time has gone on, it has been getting more and more difficult to schedule time in the studio, because although it started out as a family studio, it has become a working studio with a professional life. And that’s cool. I have no issues with any of that. Thus, I purchased an MBox, figuring I could run that myself, and it was all I really needed anyway.

Josh had been using my Dad’s MBox for working at home, but it bit the dust. He had some stuff he really needed to be able to do, so I happily offered to lend him mine. I knew it would take a little while for me to get around to installing it anyway. But, as has a way of happening, it was about 3 years before I got it back from him. Shit happens. That I’m not upset about.

But that’s where things get a little murky. Unfortunately, in that three years I moved. I knew exactly where the ProTools install disk was in my old house. I have turned my (new) house upside down looking for said disk, and…nothing. It’s possible that it mistakenly got thrown away when we were moving. I have no idea. It might still be packed in some box, although I think I’ve gone through every possible box three times now. You see, there was no point in installing the program, because it won’t run without the hardware plugged into the computer. So until I had the MBox back from Josh, there was no point going any further.

Now that I have the MBox back, I have at least gotten it running with GarageBand. (I won’t do my album on GarageBand, however. I am so much more comfortable using ProTools, and it’s just a much more comprehensive program, with way better editing capabilities.) So I can throw down a quick writing demo. You’d think.

Except that tonight, when I was trying to do just that, everything was all good for the first hour or two. Then, out of nowhere, the MBox started making this hideous feedback-y, awfully loud, buzzing noise. Nothing I did would stop it. Well, that’s not true. Some buttons pushed did stop it, but unfortunately when I pushed them again to set things where they actually needed to be, the noise was still going strong. My only option left was to take my mic out of Input 1 and plug it into Input 2 instead.

Ahh, problem solved.

For another hour or two.

Then, wham! Same bullshit started happening again. Of course, I tried reverting to Input 1, but it was still reacting the same way there too. So now two of two channels were fucked. My only possible brainchild of a solution was to try a different mic cord. So I did.

Ahh, problem solved.


Except that now it sounded like ass. Instead of a lovely, present sound, my guitar or vocal tracks recorded with the new cord sounded like I was halfway down a tunnel. Far away. Strangely echo-y, although there were no effects on the track.

Oh, that’s about when I got angry.

And maybe I’m having a little pity party.

I’m a single mum, unable to work, on disability, with barely enough income to pay the rent. Literally. Scary, paycheque to paycheque kind of existence. (I know I am absolutely not the first, nor will I be the last to go through this. But anyone who’s ever been in this position can attest to the awful fear that it holds hanging over your head on a constant basis when you are responsible for three other little beings as well as yourself.) I did what I was supposed to do: I saved up the money to set up a creative outlet for myself. And now it’s not working. And I can’t afford to replace it with something new that does work. And this is too old and out of warranty and probably not worth fixing. And now that I’m finally, after 20 years of NOT getting off my ass, doing the one thing I’ve wanted to do since I was 5 years old, I feel like there are hurdles where there shouldn’t be. And I’m pissed. I kind of want to have a tantrum all over the floor like a toddler.

And I’m not saying I won’t either.

Will I figure out a solution? You bet your fucking ass I will. Will I let myself have a little pity party and feel angry about where I’m at right now, and the hurdles that I have to jump…again (it’s a recurring fucking theme in my life)…yup, probably. What would be the most constructive? To figure out how to feel angry without sliding into a pity party. Because anger and self-pity are not the same thing. But it sure is easy to intertwine them.

In the past, this is when I would self-medicate with food or cigarettes or booze or a few other things…anything to stuff down those angry feelings and Not. Feel. Anything. Anger was too scary. That may have had a little something to do with getting to be 100 lbs overweight. (Yeah, haven’t ever really said it out loud in quite those terms before. That’s probably a whole other post on it’s own. But for now, just realize that those were big words for me to say out loud. Or type out loud. Or, well, I think you get the idea.) Sure I have had some health issues that more than contributed to my weight. But an awful lot of it has had to do with stuffing my feelings – lots of different feelings, but surprisingly often it comes down to anger – down my pie hole.

Tonight I made a salad for dinner, a very specific one that I was honestly craving, and had been all day. I did not eat the box of Oreos in the cupboard for dinner. Or toast and butter. Or any of the things that would not have been listening to my body and honouring what it was asking for. Tonight I did not pour a drink. (This one hasn’t been an issue for a lot of years, and really, really isn’t much of an issue these days because my medication doesn’t combine well with alcohol. It just makes me feel ill after one or two drinks. So I’m a lightweight in this arena these days.) Tonight I did not light a cigarette. (I quit in September of 2009.) You know what I did?

I sat down and I wrote this post.

I stayed with my feelings, even though they were uncomfortable as hell, and they really…um…sucked.

I observed the vibrating, gnawing, slightly nauseous ache in my belly. The one that is somehow attached to the pull and tightness through my shoulders. The one that gives me slightly painful heart palpitations. And the same one that is all pulled together by the pain in my head, the throbbing in my temples.

And I waited. I waited to see how it would process. I waited to see how I could or could not let go of feeling angry. I waited, but I did not try to change anything. I just waited and observed.

Now, to be fair (and realistic), I should be honest with you. I’m still waiting. And I’m still observing. And nothing’s changing yet. (Maybe I’m just not that evolved. A distinct possibility.) But I’ve also made up my mind not to “do” anything about it. It’s been about 2 -3 hours. And I’m just simply trying to get more “conscious” of the process of observing and not trying to change. It’s a weird and uncomfortable things to observe yourself feeling angry and not try to change it.

Anger is so uncomfortable, and our society has made it so unacceptable, that we try to skip out on that place as quickly as possible. Get. The. Fuck. Out. But maybe this is how you successfully process it? By just allowing yourself to be there, no judgements, no actions. (On the other hand, it is entirely possible that I’m talking out of my ass. Just keep that one in mind.)

Time will tell, I guess.

How do you process anger? What are some of the healthy and unhealthy ways you’ve worked through, or gotten stuck, in anger?


It’s about fucking time for this labour of love

I’ve wanted to record an album for as long as I can remember. Literally, not figuratively.

The time has come.

Ash Ambirge and her Intoxicate 2012 project lit a fire under my ass. If not now, when? So, now then.

Whittling down a lifetime of songwriting into 12, maybe 15, songs is heartbreaking. Being brutally honest with yourself and assessing whether, after all that writing, you have 12-15 songs that are strong enough to compose an album is…humbling. And that’s only the beginning.

Then there’s recording. Or what I like to refer to, so far, as “The ProTools Debacle.” It’s a long, long story (about 3 years long) that started with me lending my MBox, new out of the box, to my brother, and ends with me getting it back from him (it’s been sitting in a corner at his house, unused, for quite some time now), only for us to find out that it isn’t really working all that well. It works OK for about an hour, and then starts to make the most hideous noise I’ve ever heard. Which is delightful. And in the interim, I lost my ProTools install disk. Maybe it was because I moved. Maybe it wasn’t. Who’s to say. But I am now at a point where my recording vehicle only sort of works and I’m fucked for the software, even though I paid for it. So I will be turning my house upside down…again…looking for it, so that hopefully I can get rid of this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.


My homework now is listening. Listening, listening, listening. Because I have to figure out how I want these tracks to sound. What instruments, what effects. What drum beats for god sakes, because the reality is that I have to program drums, and I am soooo not a drummer. I have to know everything that I want, because I’ll be producing myself. So I have to listen like mad. And I have to listen to an enormous width of music too, not just the same few albums I tend to rotate, and at a closer level. I have to listen to a vast variety of music from both a production standpoint AND a writing standpoint, because there exists every possibility that I will be writing more tunes as part of this process.

So I asked y’all for listening suggestions, and you sure did come through! Here are some of the suggestions you guys have given me for listening. Haven’t heard most of these yet, but I know what I’ll be looking into. And please add more suggestions in the comments!

  • Rupert Blackman
  • City And Colour
  • Ally Rhodes
  • Ron Pope
  • Passenger
  • new Train album
  • Cady Groves
  • Lights
  • The Icarus Account
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • He Is We
  • M.T.L Band
  • Brighter Brightest
  • Young the Giant
  • Meg & Dia
  • The Cab
  • Safetysuit
  • OneRepublic
  • We The Kings
  • Parachute
  • Stay – by Mayday Parade
  • All Time low
  • Therapy
  • Courage My Love – Anchors Make Good Shoes (If You Have Issues) (@couragemylove)
  • The Beatles
  • Lydia
  • Lost in Paradise – Evanescence
  • Good Enough- Evanescence
  • @hollywoodkills
  • @Halestorm
  • Nicki Minaj
  • The Pretty Reckless
  • Hot Chelle Rae
  • @kerlimusic
  • Marianas trench (OK, a LOT of you suggested this. Who are these assholes anyway?)
  • a few of you suggested me. While I totally appreciate it, I think for this exercise, me listening to me is rather circular…YOU listening to me, on the other hand, is purely delightful!
  • Artist vs Poet
  • Nightwish
  • A Day to Remember
  • Chiodos
  • The Color Morale
  • Paramore
  • This Wild Life
  • Acres of Lions
  • Emarosa
  • Silverstein
  • The Deadhands
  • Escape the Fate
  • There for Tomorrow
  • A Change of Pace
  • Amanda Clemens
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Fun.
  • Stabilo
  • Two Door Cinema Club
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Bedouin Soundclash

I’m not content to shoot for the middle. I recognize that I will be making this record under circumstances that are less than my ideal. What would I like? A full band, a producer, and a studio full of wicked gear, and an engineer. What do I have at my disposal? My MBox, ProTools (hopefully), my Mac, a Shure 57, an old Roland synth, a couple of guitars, and me, myself, and I. I have a bass player friend who will probably play bass tracks for me. My brother will give me some technical help where he can. But really, it’s mostly down to me.

This project is about removing my own obstacles so I can do it anyway instead of seeing only roadblocks. So it’s not an ideal set of circumstances. It’s still better than not doing it. Which is exactly what I’ve done for the last 20 years. And that’s been lame. There’s really no other word for it.

So, given my parameters, I have to shoot for the moon. My own personal moon. This has to be the absolute best I can make it. It won’t be finished tomorrow. I have an extra hiccup in that my health challenges make my work love schedule on this project entirely unpredictable. I’ve had a lot I questions about release dates, and to be fair, I have no freaking idea at this point. Not one clue. I don’t have a team working for me, a machine turning the cogs behind the scenes.

You guys are my team, my machine.

Which is to say that your patience, and your support through each step of the process is unimaginably valuable to me. My promise to you is this: I will stay in conversation with you, keeping you updated on the whole process as I navigate it. And we’ll enjoy the finished product together. You’ll hear about the challenges (there have been some, as I told you, but the process is also bringing up some emotional ick that I have to wade through, and I’ll let you in on that too) as well as the successes. It’ll be a journey, a process. But I think that’s kinda cool that you’ll all be with me along the way.


So here we go, jumping in with both feet. Break Until I Bend will get made if it kills me. Which it just might.

Apt album title for me, wouldn’t you say?


Soooo Plugged In

What’s new in cyberspace?

Well, since I’ve crawled out of my social media hole – the hole I created for myself this winter while everything was so dark, both inside and out – I have developed what I can only say is an incredibly rewarding relationship with my Twitter followers. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, truly, genuinely.

But let’s look at an overall history of social media with Sara Ramsay…

To start with, I had MySpace. I’m not sure I even remember my password for that site anymore. It became so slow and cumbersome to navigate that I lost patience with it. And that was right about the time that Facebook came along. That being said, MySpace was always a “professional” site for me. In other words, it was about making connections with people I didn’t know, about my music. Thus, I did lose something replacing that with Facebook. Plus, somewhere on MySpace is a Ramsay Family Singers site that I haven’t updated or checked in years. Huh. One more password I don’t remember…

Facebook came along and it became the social media du jour. I made the choice to keep my profile private – just people I actually knew in real life. I still do, to this day. I did have a “Band Page” for my music. But that has change format so many times within Facebook that I haven’t kept up. First it was a group, then it was a page, then it was an event, then it was a page again, then…what is it now? Consequently, the musician side of me doesn’t have much of a presence of FB. I know this is something I should remedy. And I have great plans. Such great plans to do so. One day…

Twitter arrived. I wasn’t sure about it at first. Really? 140 characters was the sum total of the communication you’d have with other people? As time went on, I started using Twitter more and more, and FB less and less. That’s evened back out now, because I use them so differently, but I love me my Twitter. At first I didn’t have a lot in the way of followers. Then some people started figuring out I‘m my brother’s sister. I think he mentioned me in a tweet one time. And my followers jumped exponentially. And I still get daily questions about his middle name or his age or his…you name it. But I do my best to give the guy his privacy. We’re family, I’m not his PR person. So I try to keep my references to him to a minimum. Which hopefully translates into my followers being my followers, not Josh-followers-by-proxy. Those kind can unfollow with all my love, because you won’t get what you’re looking for from me. My Twitter feed contains a lot of inspirational RT’s, chatting with my followers, and funny/inane things from my day. Works for some. For others, there are lots of other people out there to follow. xo

Google+. Yeah, not sure what to say about that. I have it. I haven’t really figured it out yet. (I can’t even figure out how to link to my Google+ profile – which I actually do have.) Clearly I am not a Social Media Mogul.

SoundCloud is my new favourite, although it works quite differently. It’s not really so interactive on an ongoing basis. But it does give me a place where I can post music, now that MySpace is not my jam, and people can hear it and comment on it. I haven’t really fully explored the ins and outs of this one, but it’s definitely got potential. Plus, I have a bunch of musician friends with stuff up on SoundCloud, and I’ve been able to hear their tracks. Awesome.

YouTube. See Google+. Almost as foreign as Google+ is setting up a YouTube channel. When I posted stuff on SoundCloud, I had people asking me if Ii had any YouTube videos. This was an entirely foreign concept to me. I should say here that there are certain areas of technology I am quite adept with. This clearly was not one of them. But, I figured there’s an upside to having a good relationship with your Twitter family. So I threw it out there and just asked, “Anyone want to make a YouTube video or two for me?” I got a response and the work is in progress. We’ll keep you posted. I always say, when in doubt, ask for help!

And then along came Pinterest. Oh my fucknut. I can spend hours pinning things that I like. Planning my dream home. Amassing recipes I will never make. That being said, I have actually tried some projects I have found on there too, so it has not been a total waste of time. It’s good for inspiring creativity. And for getting my hoarding on (digital hoarding) so that I don’t do it physically. I still throw shit out around the house…I just hoard pins on all of my pinboards.

And then there are the blogs…

As you may have noticed, I love to write. I love to write songs. But I also love to write. I love playing with the language. When blogging first came out, I went nowhere near it. It took me a long time to get on that train. But eventually I took a test run. I tried both the Blogger and the WordPress platforms. But all the businessy and webby folks I read kept mentioning WordPress plugins for websites, so off I went to Worpress land.

You’re reading the product of that journey. Break The Surface became my blog. And although I did take a long break from it, my love for writing never changed. My ability to climb out of a hole was the thing that changed.

Recently my Twitter family (we’re working on a name for said family – all suggestions considered) and I were talking about reading and books, and I threw out the suggestion of a book club. And voila, Sara’s Book Club was born. We’re just reading the first book right now, A Discovery Of Witches by Deborah Harkness. Discussion day is May 13 and will take place via Twitter and the blog. I’m working out the logistics as we speak. Why? Because #ReadingIsSexy.

This took me to a non-blogging site, which I kind of love. GoodReads is awesome. Catalogue all your books. Review them. Recommend them. Keep track of shit. (I am slightly OCD.) And this feeds right into the book club premise, so I have started to go to town over yonder…

And then there is the ritual our family adopted from dear family friends. The full story is here. But I started sharing the ritual nightly with my Twitter family with the hashtag #MyFavouriteThingToday. Soon after, I turned it into a blog at Your Favourite Thing Today, and invite readers to share their favourite thing that happened that day too. Simple but amazing ritual. Join us – it’s pretty darn cool. I post on Twitter with #FavouriteThings each evening.

And I think that about sums it up. Do I have enough of a presence? Am I real now?


If Music Be the Food of Life…And It Is. Really.

For a musician, you’d think I would listen to more music.

The sad but true fact is that I have had to ~ lately ~ make a point of having music on in my house, seeking out new music, and filling my ears with all sorts of inspiration.  Part of the shift has been a willingness to newfound joy in paying for music.  Again, sounds counterintuitive for a musician, I know.  But hear me out.

I have always struggled with money.  And I was guilty of downloading pirated music, mostly because I never had the money to pay for it properly.  Then I started downloading stuff, giving it a listen, and if I knew it was something I’d listen to again, I would purchase it off of iTunes.  Sara Bareilles, case in point.  Downloaded some of her stuff off Limewire.  FELL. IN. LOVE.  (She is my full on music crush, for those who were not previously aware.  She is the bomb.  In every way a singer/songwriter could be.)  So I went back and paid for everything I’d downloaded and then everything else I could find, off of iTunes.

Digression – I have long been guilty of downloading songs I have to learn for gigs.  And truthfully, I have no issues with that.  I’ll probably keep doing that.  Because I know that if I had a song on the charts (or even if I didn’t), and there was a band who wanted to learn it and cover it live (which the bars pay mechanical royalties to, so the writer gets paid), I wouldn’t give a shit whether they paid the $1.29 to download that one song.  Instead, I’d be happy that they were getting my tune out to more ears. – Aaaand, scene.

But here’s the thing.  (Back to regular music consumption by normal people. Not those bloody musician types.)  If we don’t make a point of paying for things, the money to do so will never show up in our lives. If we keep trying to figure out an end run around to scam it for free, the Universe will likely acquiesce by making sure we don’t have the dollas.  So I’ve been paying for it, and downloading things off iTunes like crazy.  I hear a song on a TV show that I like, I search it out.  I hear music at a friend’s that I like, I start downloading it on my iPad, right then and there.  I take my kid to a dance convention and watch ShoTyme choreograph some pretty cool shit to music that totally grooves…I seek that same shit out and put it on in my house.  For my ears.  For my soul.  For my inspiration, my groove.

Aside of this burgeoning joy for spending money on music, and the satisfaction of knowing that I am finally doing my part to support the industry that I both love and hate, I am loving grooving to music again.  I have also started going back through all my CD’s (after having lost an entire iTunes library after a helpful someone emptied the trash on my computer, and somehow the whole library had gotten moved there…it’s OK, I went to therapy…several times…)  Right.  So.  Where was I?  I am importing all my CD’s with the intent of (after BACKING iTUNES THE FUCK UP!) getting rid of all my CD’s.  Happy little by-product?  I have (or will soon have) all my music at the tip of my fingers at all times.  I know, most people were on this train about 5 years ago…I’m getting there.  Simmer down.

I’m learning that I love happy, poppy, funky, up-beat stuff when I’m cleaning (granted, this doesn’t happen often.)  I love instrumental jazz and classical (no lyrics to pull focus) when I’m writing.  I love jazz again period, after a brief hiatus the last few years.  I still love my old faves, but I’m incredibly happy to be discovering some new ones too.  And, I am so grateful for the joy I feel at the sound of music in the house again.  It’s been quiet here too long.

One of the things that I think is the most positive about music and the digital age, assuming you’re taking the high road and paying for your downloads, is the ability to instantly access new music. In addition, it makes it killer easy to pluck single songs that rock your soul, without having to take the whole album. Which means that my iTunes library is more diverse than my music collection has been, ever.

NEW DISCOVERIES & RE-DISCOVERIES – well, new discoveries for me. Or things I used to love and have just newly rediscovered. Things that will stay on my playlist for a good long time. Some are albums, some are songs, some are artists.

  • Florence + The Machine – Between Two Lungs
  • Shawn Desmond – Shiver
  • Brad Turner – everything. Fucking genius this guy.
  • Metalwood – see Brad Turner
  • Sharon Minemoto – my college roommate. And a stellar musician.
  • James Taylor – At Christmas, along with everything else.
  • Laila Biali – Tracing Light; From Sea to Sky
  • Singers Unlimited – every-freakin-thing
  • Aaron Copeland – Appalachian Spring; Fanfare for the Common Man
  • Take 6 – He Is Christmas
  • Ella Fitzgerald – there is no one like Ella. ‘Nuff said.
  • Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation
  • Tegan & Sara – a big catalogue to work through!
  • Jellyfish – Bellybutton; Spilt Milk (both are so good!)
  • Colbie Caillat
  • Huey Lewis & the News
  • Tower of Power

OLD FAVES – in no particular order (and yes, I’m aware that some of these are very old favourites!)

  • Marianas Trench – Fix Me; Masterpiece Theatre (this was a no-brainer. Hello?!? Welcome to my family!)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  • Silverchair – Diorama
  • The Eagles – all of it
  • James Taylor – everything. Every. Thing.
  • Steely Dan – Greatest Hits
  • Sheryl Crow – all of it
  • Brand New Heavies – Brother, Sister
  • George Michael – Faith
  • Shawn Colvin – A Few Small Repairs
  • Sara Bareilles – ALL. OF. IT. ❤ sigh ❤
  • Paula Cole – Harbinger; This Fire
  • James Taylor – all of it (oh wait, did I already say this?)
  • Paul Simon – Graceland; Rhythm of the Saints
  • Michael Jackson – Thriller, lots and lots more
  • Adam Woodall – Silver Ring (I melt at Adam’s voice)
  • Stevie Wonder – must I give particulars?
  • Billy Joel – uh, yeah, just about everything.
  • Bonnie Raitt – I love this woman. So much soul. So, yeah…everything.
  • Carol King – greatest hits

You can link here to my playlists: Positivity Jam, Groove Jam, and Chill Jam.

I will probably come back and amend this list as I continue through my CD catalogue, and as I discover new things on iTunes. What about you? What are your new faves or your go-to, always there when you need it, know every word bands or albums? Maybe I’ll find some new favourites in your list!


Oh, the woes!

I am undergoing technological implosion. Seriously.

My laptop died.

My desktop is being all slow and weird.

I discovered my website has disappeared from the face of the, uh, Internet. How long it has been living in the Bermuda Triangle, I do not know. Excellent.

My iPhone is also being – unoriginally – slow and weird.

My email got screwy. I can receive. But I cannot send. Good for business, huh?

My laptop seemed to rise from the dead after three days of unresponsivity. (Yep, I just made up that word.) But my guess is that, like Jesus, it will make it’s ascension shortly. I will report back on whether it sticks to the previously ordained three day rule.

I do have a working iPad. Thank God. (Otherwise I would be in a dark corner somewhere, rocking and crying, possibly muttering incantations under my breath and startlingly shouting “Release the penguins!” from time to time.) However, it has come to my attention that, while Tweeting or updating a Facebook status is manageable, typing for any length on the iPad is likely to make me run away and hide. I am not a one-finger typer, and I have giant man hands not well-suited to the mini iPad keyboard. I know, it’s hot. Whatever. Move along. So I will soon have to be purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard to make this work for me.

Clearly I need to engage in some good technological karma-boosting activities to get that old train chugging my way. If you have ideas, spring ’em up on me. Until I have a better setup than I do now, you will continue to not hear from me on the blog post front. This chicken pecking at a keyboard will give me arthritis if parvo hasn’t already sentenced me to that fun. So in the interest of self care (and mental survival – yours and mine), I’ll be seein’ ya when I see ya.

Or rather, you’ll see me go off on some inconsequential tangent whenever I get my shit together.

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