Business Secrets Amassed

I don’t usually write business-y (or as I like to call ’em, bizzy) posts here.  However, sometimes exceptions must be made…

There is the single-most amazing sale I’ve ever seen of current entrepreneurial and online business building content happening right now.  As in, only for three days, and it’s already begun.  I have been following many of these bloggers for a while now, and slathering at the mouth thinking of reading all of their e-books.  But at about $1050 all in for their amassed materials, there was no way I could swing it. (If you’ve been a reader here, you might have noticed that my dysfuntional relationship with money is a bit of a recurring theme, albeit one I’m working on changing. Starting here.)

But until 10am EST Thursday, December 2, 2010, it’s only $97.  For all 23 e-books, guides and courses.  By the some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds on the horizon at the mo’.


Yes, I just yelled at you, and yes, I used far more exclamation points than I would ever advise be used in one place.  But it really is that big a deal.  I know that I now have my reading materials stocked to the gills from now until Christmas (or maybe my birthday in June, or maybe my 40th birthday, which is….uh….sometime in the next decade.)

Who are these masked menaces, you ask?  Well, buckle up.

Danielle LaPorte of whitehottruth.com is a fantastically inspiring, authentic, intuitive business mind.  True Strengths + The Metrics of Ease is one of the most oft-purported nuggets in the Fire Starter Sessions. She will light you up and you will move yer ass. So worth it.

Everett Bogue. This dude’s website farbeyondthestars.com is a go-to for minimalist lifetyle. He lives with 57 things. Seriously, 57 items in his possession, period. He says things in his blog posts like, “My name is Everett Bogue, and I think you’re an idiot.” Perhaps it’s my dark sense of humour, but how can you not love a guy who has the balls to throw that out there?  He also happens to know a thing or two about creating the online income he needs to support his minimalist, location independent lifestyle, which he shares in Minimalist Business.

Chris Guillebeau: chrisguillebeau.com | The Art of Non-Conformity. This guy is kinda the shit when it comes to questioning convention and challenging the status quo, instead favouring revolution and non-conformity. A bigwig when it comes to creating an online income to support his pro-travel lifestyle, check out his Unconventional Guide to Working For Yourself.

Leo Babauta and Eric Hamm come together with The Essential Motivational Handbook.  Leo Babauta I know about from zenhabits.net. That one is kind of self-explanatory, no? I not, I need you to go pick up a dicionary and look up the word “zen” right now. And then drop and give me 20. That is all I will say about that.  Eric Hamm is new to me, and I am looking forward to learning more about his background at erichamm.net. From what I gather, he’s a web techie guy, and I am a total closet wannabe geek (OK, maybe not so closet). So I’m stoked.

Karol Gajda.  ridiculouslyextraordinary.com is a very cool site. Karol is another one that’s in the freedom business. As in, make a living that allows you to be free. Plus, he put this package together with Baker of manvsdebt.com.  In it, you will find Karol’s How to Live Anywhere.

Jonathan Meadilluminatedmind.net. He challenges ordinary and is all about creating work that you are both passionate about and will support you. All is not lost!  Reclaim Your Dreams.

Corbett Barr. freepursuits.com is also about creating the life that suits, well…you, with Affiliate Marketing For Beginners. Just what it sounds like. And so often we think of affiliate marketing as pushy and sleazy. But Corbett makes it not only accessible but also laced with integrity.  (I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.  Apparently I was wrong.)

So, these are the rockstars I already know about and am SO excited to read their materials. Education in every form is invaluable. And the other 14 authors – yes 14! – I’m equally excited to discover for myself.  The other contributors are Naomi Dunford, Dave Navarro, Laura Roeder, Chris Garrett, David Risley, Charlie Gilkey, Lea Woodward, Johnny B. Truant, James Chartrand, Nathan Hangen, Tammy Strobel, Henri Junttila, Erica Douglass, Colin Wright, and Jade Craven.

And if all that wasn’t cool enough, $5 from every single sale made during these 72 hours is going to Chris Guillebeau’s Charity:Water Ethiopia project. The lofty, but reachable goal is to raise enough money in 72 hours to build 2 wells in Ethiopia.  Rock on.

If you want to get in on the deal, have at ‘er. Link is below. And if you aren’t game for spending $97 on blowing yer mind, no worries. Go ahead and check out their websites for some incredible blogging content. Do yourself a favour!  Let me know what you think of the discoveries that will ensue…

Make and investment in yourself and your future.


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