Oh, the woes!

I am undergoing technological implosion. Seriously.

My laptop died.

My desktop is being all slow and weird.

I discovered my website has disappeared from the face of the, uh, Internet. How long it has been living in the Bermuda Triangle, I do not know. Excellent.

My iPhone is also being – unoriginally – slow and weird.

My email got screwy. I can receive. But I cannot send. Good for business, huh?

My laptop seemed to rise from the dead after three days of unresponsivity. (Yep, I just made up that word.) But my guess is that, like Jesus, it will make it’s ascension shortly. I will report back on whether it sticks to the previously ordained three day rule.

I do have a working iPad. Thank God. (Otherwise I would be in a dark corner somewhere, rocking and crying, possibly muttering incantations under my breath and startlingly shouting “Release the penguins!” from time to time.) However, it has come to my attention that, while Tweeting or updating a Facebook status is manageable, typing for any length on the iPad is likely to make me run away and hide. I am not a one-finger typer, and I have giant man hands not well-suited to the mini iPad keyboard. I know, it’s hot. Whatever. Move along. So I will soon have to be purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard to make this work for me.

Clearly I need to engage in some good technological karma-boosting activities to get that old train chugging my way. If you have ideas, spring ’em up on me. Until I have a better setup than I do now, you will continue to not hear from me on the blog post front. This chicken pecking at a keyboard will give me arthritis if parvo hasn’t already sentenced me to that fun. So in the interest of self care (and mental survival – yours and mine), I’ll be seein’ ya when I see ya.

Or rather, you’ll see me go off on some inconsequential tangent whenever I get my shit together.


2 Responses to “Oh, the woes!”

  1. 1 Angie
    October 21, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    thank you for all your insites i think all woman/mothers can relate
    we are waiting for octber blog to fill us with insite and humour. I can relate to all the insights but implementing change takes determination which filters away as you become busy with family committments.
    I have my friends children now as she refuses to take recognition of her addictions mental illness and such, she kicked her children out in the heat of her illness your blog keeps me going with all of my 5 children now.

    Thnaks and Mahalo nui loa

  2. 2 Angie
    October 23, 2010 at 12:47 am

    most every mom/women can relate to your posts keep going we are waiting for October 2010??
    Your insite and humor make living as a woman and mother realistic and that others feel the same. I make plans every day/week/ month to change and better myself,but old tapes keep pulling me back – it’s easier to keep going with what is easy ’cause being a mum is hard on most days Thanks for the laughs – not at you but with you as i should laugh at my dumb mistakes,, it’s good that there are great mental health practisioners my kids are going to need it!!!


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